Laser Assisted RCT

Laser Assisted RCT:

  • LASER utilizes light beams to remove or modify soft and hard tissues in the mouth.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of various lasers as an adjunct in root canal procedures.
  • Lasers can be used to open the surface of a tooth to access the root canal, remove diseased tissue, clean, disinfect and shape the canal, and fill it.
  • Lasers can target bacteria and infected material with greater accuracy, at times preserving more of the healthy tooth structure.
  • They can also reduce discomfort by eliminating the jarring sounds of drills as well as limiting the need for local anesthesia.
  • Less bleeding during root canal surgical procedures and reduced post-operative discomfort and infection.
  • Laser-activated irrigation for eradicating bacteria and preventing new bacterial growth. Hence reduced re – infection.
  • More comfortable and effective with higher clinical success rates than conventional techniques.