Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal:

  • Removing wisdom tooth is very common now a days due to Human Diet change or improper jaw growth.
  • It is very comfortable to remove the wisdom tooth – with conscious sedation under Local anesthesia.
  • Impaction – It is the tooth that has failed to erupt completely or partially to its correct position in the dental arch.
  • Teeth may become impacted because of adjacent teeth,Lack of space, dense overlying bone, excessive soft tissue or a genetic abnormality.
  • Lower third molars are mostly impacted than upper third molars.
  • Age OF ERUPTION: usually ages 18 to 24 years, although eruption outside of this age range is not uncommon.
  • Erupted teeth that are adjacent to impacted teeth are predisposed to periodontal disease with pockets or Frequent dental caries or gingival inflammation with pus discharge or Severe crowding of lower teeth or supra erupting upper molar or even pathological fracture
  • Most commonly the individual complains of food getting lodged beneath the gums and the soreness that is usually confused with throat infections. In slightly milder forms the swelling is visible and mouth opening becomes difficult in severe cases. Pain is invariably present.


  • Pain
  • Difficulty in Chewing
  • Swelling in the jaw – intra oral
  • Soreness(throat)
  • Redness of overlaying soft tissue or operculum
  • Difficulty in opening mouth – Trismus
  • Facial swelling of affected side
  • Raised Temperature
  • Palpable Lymph Nodes.

If wisdom tooth not removed – the following error may occur,

Crowding of teeth: Resorption of adjacent tooth or periodontal disease.

Development of pathological conditions such as infection, cysts or tumours. Trismus, TMJ injury, Etc…