Metal Free Crowns

Metal Free Crowns:

  • Types are Lithium di silicate crowns, Zirconia crowns.
  • Zirconia is the hardest known ceramic in industry and the strongest material used in dentistry. The zirconia used in dentistry is zirconium oxide, which has been stabilized with the addition of yttrium oxide.
  • Zirconium is a very hard white ceramic that comes in the form of solid blocks of various shapes and sizes.
  • For processing, it requires sophisticated computer systems (CAD/CAM systems).
  • Zirconia is extremely durable and tough; white ceramic with very good translucency features; highly aesthetic because they do not contain any metal in their structure; has no allergic effects; it never corrodes; highly precise.
  • Lithium disilicate is among the best known and most widely used types of glass ceramics – High translucent
  • It is composed of quartz, lithium dioxide, phosphor oxide, alumina, potassium oxide, and other components.
  • This type of resistant glass ceramic can be processed using CAD/CAM
  • Completely esthetic with maximum strength
  • Various shade available – depending on the teeth – completely translucent
  • Extreme marginal fit – no chances of gingival irritation or discoloration
  • Less weight than metal faced crowns – More comfortable
  • Better stability with enhanced safety
  • Long term solution with long term benefits

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