Dental Cavity/ Tooth Decay – Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dental cavity which is also known as tooth decay occurs due to the softening of the tooth enamel and subsequently damage the structure of the tooth that is caused by plaque bacteria breaking down in the mouth. When this mineral loss is left untreated it forms a hole in the tooth or cavity. When this cavity is left without treatment, these holes may grow larger over time and may affect the whole teeth.

If a person is also affected by exposed roots or gum recessions, then plaque acids can affect the roots and result in a root cavity. Root cavities can end up in nerves in teeth to be exposed and one can feel pain while drinking and eating. If you are one who is facing utmost pain near your tooth then it is recommended to take a consultation with your nearby dentist and get your dental cavity treatment. Leaving it untreated may end up in critical dental problems.

What are the reasons for Dental Cavity or Tooth Decay?

Dental cavities take multiple steps to form and develop over a while. In general, the tooth cavity starts from the loss of minerals in the tooth and can grow due to eating all over the cavity tooth. The decay of the tooth can also occur when the foods containing carbohydrates are caught between the teeth and are not removed while flossing or brushing.


Some of the major reasons for teeth decay are listed below:

High sugar consumption: Dentists states that one of the major reasons for tooth cavities are due to the consumption of sugary, beverages, and sticky foods. In-take of high amounts of sugar can subsequently increase the acid which can increase tooth decay.

Oral hygiene: poor oral maintenance like irregular brushing and flossing of your teeth can affect the tooth enamel

Mouth drying: If you have a dry mouth then the plaque and bacteria in your mouth develop more quickly because saliva in your mouth helps to wash out the plaque in the teeth.

Medical problems: In some types of cancer treatment the radiation exposure in the head and neck part may result in the dental cavity that is due to the changing of the makeup of the saliva that can increase the bacterial growth.


Symptoms of Dental Cavity

As tooth decay starts progressing the cavity symptoms start, some of the common symptoms are a pain in your teeth, an increase of tooth sensitivity, high-pressure pain in drinking, and eating. The most affected cavity can result in holes in the teeth that are witnessed only on dental x-rays.

If you are facing any one of the above symptoms or undergoing any kind of toothache then it is recommended to take a dental consultation. Identifying and treating your dental cavity earlier can make your cavity treatment easier.

Some of the preventions methods to keep your tooth from dental cavity are

  • Maintaining oral hygiene
  • Brushing at least 2 times a day
  • Avoid intake of sugary and drinks
  • Shield your teeth with fluoride
  • Ensure that your food is not trapped between your teeth

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