All you need to know about Dental X-rays and when to get dental X-rays

When planning to get dental treatment done, one must keep in mind about dental x-rays too. It is because it is an integral part of the treatment to find out any teeth or bone problem, which is not visible clinically.

With the X-rays, teeth conditions can be visible along with the jaw and teeth roots. Under X-rays, the dentist can easily detect the cavities, bone damage, tumor, cysts, abscesses, or any other abnormal conditions. If any teeth are undeveloped or impacted, it can be detected under the x-rays.

Things people must know about dental x-rays

In the beginning, one must be familiar with the purpose of dental x-rays. For the new patients, dental x-rays are performed to find a clear view regarding their dental conditions. In comparison with the adults, children might require dental x-rays to be conducted often. It is because children are at the growth stage that might need the dentist to keep a look at the adult teeth growth. It helps to determine whether baby teeth are to be pulled out or not to prevent any abnormal conditions such as the growth of adult teeth upon the baby teeth.

Among the dental x-rays, there exist several types that keep a track of different views. Intraoral x-rays stand among the most common dental x-rays include the following:

  • Occlusal: Occlusal x-ray is performed within the closed jaw to check the upper and lower It is used to find extra teeth, jaw fractures, cleft palate and other abnormalities.
  • Bitewing: In this technique, biting down is involved upon a certain film that helps the dentist to determine upper and lower teeth crowns. It helps to check the presence of cavities in between the teeth surfaces in children or adults.
  • Periapical: This x-ray shows the whole tooth – crown along with the surrounding structures of the root.
  • Panoramic: This x Ray is used to capture the entire mouth in one image. It is helpful to check wisdom teeth, missing teeth, mal aligned teeth, cavities, fractures and jaw damages in adults, also tooth development in growing children.

When is the right time to get dental x-rays?

Among the adults, people with high risk of cavities should get the dental x-rays done every 6 to 12 months. People with no cavities may take the x Ray between the interval of 2 to 3 years. Among children, the cavities’ development rate is faster than the adults which determine a short interval for the x-rays.

On the other hand, children having proper primary teeth spacing and zero cavities may or may not require dental x-ray at longer intervals.

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