An Ultimate Guide to Periodontal Surgery and Who Should Get It?

Gum surgery or periodontal surgery is one of the most common procedures used to recover various gum-related and oral inflammation problems caused by multiple factors.

Oral hygiene and gum health are directly proportional to each other, meaning poor oral hygiene conditions can also affect the gums, tissues, and bones. Hence, it is essential to approach the best dental hospital in Chennai before the case gets worse.

Most Common Types of Gum Diseases

Here are some of the common gum diseases that everyone should know

Periodontitis– It can be described as severe gum disease that needs immediate attention and treatment. In this stage, the plaque in the teeth affects the bones and tissues, leading to severe inflammation. If neglected, it can also cause loss of teeth. Hence, periodontitis must be immediately addressed and treated.

Gingivitis- We can call gingivitis the initial stage of periodontitis. It is less damaging to the teeth when compared to periodontitis. It can occur in patients who have poor oral hygiene, and also due to genetics, diabetics, age factors, smoking, and many more. It is easier to treat gum diseases at the earlier stages.

One of the best ways to avoid gum surgeries is to consistently follow oral hygiene and visit reliable dentists in your area, such as OMRDentistry, the best dental clinic in Sholinganallur.

Why Should Gum Diseases Not Be Neglected?

Gum related problems may start as mild, but when neglected, they can cause extreme problems such as

  • Oral infections due to bacteria and poor hygiene

  • Oral inflammations

  • May lead to loss of teeth

  • Severe damage in tissues and bones

  • Might even cause tooth damages and gaps

Various Types of Gum Surgery

There are various types of gum surgeries recommended to patients based on their oral problems and history. Generally, gum surgeries are not that complicated or painful. And, anyone with mild to severe gum problems can do these surgeries from the best dental hospital in Sholinganallur without any worries. Here are some types of gum surgeries.

Gum Regeneration Surgery

As the name suggests, this surgery is used to regenerate gums by deep cleaning the bacteria stored in the gums and inserting some things that will help your gum to regenerate.

Tissue/Bone Drafting

A decayed or damaged tissue or bone is replaced in the mouth. These tissues and bones are taken from your mouth and replaced in the area needed.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a procedure involving cutting and removing affected gums for healthy and strong gums. This surgery can be done for aesthetic purposes as well, but it keeps the gums healthy.

Flap Surgery

One of the most common dental surgeries, where the dentist removes the bacteria damaging the gums and folds back the gums to prevent any gum diseases.

Ultimately, it is essential to research and pick a good dentist in Chennai for smooth dental procedures.

Who Should Get Dental Gum Surgeries?

Anyone suffering from gum problems such as gum bleeding, plaque, poor oral hygiene, red or swollen gums can get gum treatments and surgeries suggested by your dental doctor.

Moreover, choose the top-rated dental clinic in Sholinganallur Chennai like OMRDentistry for affordable and high-standard dental treatments.

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