Clear Aligners: Treatment, Eligibility, and Benefits

One of the most common procedures in dental treatment is teeth alignment. Dental experts have been using braces to fix any misalignments for the longest time. But, with innovation and evolution, there is another way to make your teeth straight and that is clear aligners.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are transparent dental devices that are specifically made to adjust any misalignments in a person’s teeth. These aligners are made with medical-grade plastic and are customized according to individual patient’s needs.

Unlike braces, the clear aligners can be removed by the patients while eating or brushing their teeth. These aligners are an excellent replacement for the traditional braces and convenient to use as well.

Hence consult the best dental doctor in Chennai to see if your teeth are eligible for this treatment or not.


When compared to metal braces, using clear aligners is much easier for both the patient and the doctor. This treatment works perfectly if you are an eligible candidate and this is done without pain and uneasiness. Moreover, it is easier to clean your teeth with this method.

Here’s how the treatment goes. First off, the dentist ensures you are the right candidate for the clear aligners.

Then, a customized clear aligner set is made for the patient that is tight and perfectly fits their teeth. These clear trays are made of plastic and are 3D printed. Hence, can be quite expensive when compared to regular braces.

This treatment only works if the patient wears the aligners for more than 20 hours per day. They can remove it while eating or brushing their teeth.

The aligners need to be replaced every 21 days, and each time the clear aligners are made more precise to the current changes in the teeth. Hence, the new aligners hug the teeth tightly, and old ones become somewhat loose. The timeline for this procedure definitely differs from person to person.

So, this is how the clear aligners treatment is usually done. It is equally important to pick the best dental doctor in Chennai for the best outcomes.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Hygiene and Easy Cleaning

We all know that with traditional braces it is difficult to brush and clean all areas of the teeth, resulting in plague development and bad breath. Using clear aligners is much more comfortable as they are removable. It is also easier to clean the clear aligners.


The problem that most people have with braces is that they are visible. It is not a huge issue, but many people do not like that look. But clear braces are invisible, convenient and no one will ever know you are actually wearing braces.

No Pain or Injuries

Metal braces are still used to this day but they do come with some issues like causing pain, and if braces are not fixed properly they might cause injuries. This can lead to more complications and more treatments. Hence, if you need a pain-free and complication-less treatment to align your teeth, then clear aligners are the best option.

The above are some of the insights on clear aligners. If you are in search of the best dental clinic in Sholinganallur, then reach out to OMRDentistry for top-notch and affordable dental treatments.

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