Composite Strip Crowns and the other type of Pediatric Crowns

At present, dentists today use five types of pediatric crowns, namely stainless steel, polycarbonate, zirconia ceramic, resin-veneered and composite strip. Each own has its benefits and limitations when it comes to being suitable for various applications. A few essential aspects which dentists consider when selecting a crown type include aesthetics, cost and allergenicity.

(i) Composite Clearfix Crowns

Strip crowns get developed by using a hardened composite and mould or some clear plastic form. Despite their advantages in aesthetic restoration, they are vulnerable very much to fracture. Seeing that the hardening composite within the composite strip crowns adheres to dentin and enamel when being placed, they are very sensitive to both moisture and haemorrhage. They are used primarily on the anterior teeth and come with moderate cost. They are also the best when it comes to aesthetics.

(ii) Stainless Steel Crowns

These durable crowns have been in use for nearly 70 years, and they have a blend of iron, chromium and carbon that prevent corrosion otherwise worsened by saliva. They don’t feature a natural tooth colour, and further, they are used on molar teeth, mainly for aesthetic reasons.

(iii) Polycarbonate Crowns

Polycarbonate crowns are developed from polycarbonate resin shells and are cemented with a form of self-adhesive resin. They are cheap when it comes to aesthetic tooth-coloured restoration. Speaking of durability, it keeps varying from application to application. However, they typically end up for temporary restorations. They come in a universal shade, and they are modified by using liners and cement.

(iv) Resin Veneer Crowns

Resin veneered crowns are stainless steel crowns that come with white facings. They are a category of crowns that feature the stainless steel counterpart’s durability with the aesthetics of a resin facing one. They are very less sensitive to haemorrhage and moisture during placement. But on the downside, they need a significant removal of tooth structure. They are also very much expensive than stainless steel and composite strip crowns.

(v) Zirconia Ceramic Crowns

These type of ceramic crowns as their name signifies are made from zirconium oxide and are stabilised by yttrium oxide. This gives them another name called yttria-stabilised zirconia or YSZ. Some of these crowns might contain porcelain that is coated with their substructure or on their exterior surface. These crowns are very much durable; however, they are costly when compared with the other types of crowns.

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