Deep bite: Is it a troubling condition or not?

When defining deep bite, it refers to a condition that reflects the alignment of your bottom and front teeth. When the front upper teeth cover your front bottom teeth in excess in jaw closure, it is referred to as a misalignment dental condition.

One must avail of a deep bite treatment since it can last long causing dental problems likes teeth worn or sores.

What it is to experience a deep bite condition?

In general terms, a deep bite is defined as a “malocclusion” wherein teeth from the upper front overlap in an excessive manner to the teeth located in the bottom front. Often, it is termed as a situation of closed or overbite.

On the contrary, many patients won’t pay much attention to a deep bite. But it’s something that signals different issues that need to be fixed.

Reasons behind a deep bite

One of the basic reasons behind a deep bite is a “lower small jaw.” When your upper jaw is bigger than the bottom one, the upper side teeth tend to appear outwards and lower side teeth grow till it reaches the upper teeth back. With the growth of front lower teeth under the upper teeth, it results in squeezing all and causing issues in alignment. One having a lower missing tooth also faces the development of a short jaw.

Why one develops a deep bite condition?

One might experience a deep bite condition due to varied reasons that might include the following:

  • Smaller jaw

  • Injury in the jaw

  • Genetics problem

  • Teeth missing

  • Lack of sufficient permanent teeth growth room

Deep bite is a common dental condition among all age groups whether children or adults.

What is the need to get your deep bite treated?

Apart from good-looking teeth, some other reasons that make it essential to get deep bite treated are:

  • A person biting in the mouth roof might suffer from ulcers or severe sores. It turns out to add discomfort to your eating habits.

  • When you lose a part of your tooth, it becomes essential for an orthodontist to make some space to perform restoration by keeping apart lower and upper teeth.

  • Once you get the misaligned deep bite corrected, it’s going to enhance your teeth’ functionality.

  • Activities like flossing or brushing become easier with a deep bite treatment.

Among the huge population, deep bite appears to be a common dental condition. One can learn about deep bite symptoms easily and look after the treatment for enhancing teeth appearance. Not just this, it’s going to make your teeth healthier too. You can help prevent any serious complications related to your oral health with a dental deep bite treatment.

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