Dental Bone Grafts: What one must be aware of about it?

People often get worried after hearing the requirement of dental bone graft in advance of dental implants. But there’s nothing to be worried about. Your dental consultant might discuss the need to get a dental bone graft for dental implants. A dental bone graft is regarded as a process that helps in covering bone space in the jaw part where bone loss occurs.

When do you feel the need for a dental bone graft?

Bone grafting in dentistry is a process performed to promote healthy bone life in the mouth that acts as dental implant support. One might face a deficiency of bones in the mouth due to the following reasons:

  • Development of gum-related diseases
  • Defects developments
  • Injury on the face
  • Space left after teeth removal

What is the procedure involved in dental bone grafting?

Typically, the bone graft performed by your dentist will include the following steps:

  1. Your surgeon will provide your anesthesia before heading to the grafting procedure and will keep a close monitor on you.
  2. Cleaning of the infected bone part.
  3. The dentist will perform a gum incision to make a separation between gum and bone for placing graft.
  4. The surgeon will place the bone material for bone growth.
  5. An adhesive application is made to safeguard the graft or the surgeon might use screws or membranes.
  6. Incision sewing up is performed for healing purposes.

Who might need a dental bone graft?

Any individual who experienced a tooth loss should undergo a bone graft before getting the implants. It is true irrespective of whether you’re consulting the dentist to get dental implants just after experiencing tooth loss. It might be possible that the infection generates in the socket of the tooth loss might be of a size not feasible to find a substitution option.

No doubt, people don’t just book their appointment for the next day after losing a tooth. People don’t directly visit the dentist the next day because of financial or other reasons. But anyway, one faces a bone loss in the mouth just after the tooth is absent.

Get ready for the bone graft dental procedure

When going for the bone graft dental procedure, there are not many things that you should consider beforehand. But it will be a great thing if you follow two things:

  • Before the bone graft, it is good not to intake any food or drink till 8-12 hours. Often, the time depends upon the anesthesia you’ll be given.
  • Get your home prepared for afterward rest since you might end-up feeling groggy.

Is it mandatory for everyone to undergo a bone graft before dental implants?

Not at all! But it is best to consult with dental healthcare or your surgeon regarding your bone graft requirement. You can ask OMR Dentistry experts regarding your bone graft requirement and what type will be best for you!

Don’t miss to ask the experts:

At OMR dentistry, you’ll be stunned to see an excellent bone graft procedure followed with all the necessary considerations. OMR dentistry is one of the well-known dentistry providing standard healthcare services within a reasonable range. We help protect your teeth and give you a healthy smile.

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