Dental Fluoride- Myths and Facts

You could have probably heard about fluoride in the toothpaste commercials. But what exactly is fluoride? It is a mineral that occurs naturally, and it is proven to reduce cavities and help develop good oral hygiene.

Dentists for several years have been using fluoride for treatments. This particular mineral is said to protect the enamel of the tooth. Hence. Many dentists offer dental fluoride treatments to strengthen the teeth and protect the enamel. If you want to know details about such fluoride treatments, then visit a good dental hospital in Chennai for the best results.

Most doctors recommend fluoride treatment at least twice a year for good overall oral hygiene. But is fluoride actually good? In this article, we will see the myths and facts about using fluoride.


Myth: Drinking fluoride water can cause bone fracture.

Fact: Most of the countries all over the world have infused fluoride in their water. So, there is no actual evidence that any of those countries have faced bone fractures due to fluoride.


Myth: Drinking fluoride water can cause fluorosis.

Fact: Dental fluoride that is used by dentists in a professional setting is not dangerous. And, also fluoride infused in the drinking water is such a small amount, hence, very unlikely to cause fluorosis. Fluorosis is only caused when exposed to a very high amount of fluoride.


Myth: Drinking fluoridated water can cause cancer.

Fact: When compared to fluoridated regions and non-fluoridated regions there is no proof that only fluoridated regions have a higher cancer rate.


Myth: Fluoride does not stop tooth decay.

Fact: Drinking fluoride water or getting fluoride treatments have definitely reduced tooth decay and helped to maintain healthy teeth without cavities. Hence, consult a good dentist in Chennai if you are interested in fluoride treatments.


Myth: Fluoride damages tooth enamel.

Fact: Fluoride is known to protect the tooth enamel. This fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is used by dentists to protect tooth enamel and prevent cavities.


Myth: Fluoride is considered more toxic than lead.

Fact: This statement is not true and can cause chaos among the public. We live in a world full of toxins. So, anything that is taken in exaggeration can harm your body, even the food you eat. Hence, the right amount of fluoride is good for your dental treatments.


Myth: Kids should not use fluoride as it is unsafe for them.

Fact: Kids can drink fluoridated water and use fluoride toothpaste under adult supervision. Fluoride can prevent the cause of cavities in kids. Hence, it is safe for both kids and adults as well.


These are some of the common myths and facts about fluoride from a dental perspective. If you have more doubts, it is better to consult the best dental hospital in Chennai for personalized solutions.


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