How Eating Disorders Can Affect Your Teeth?

Have you ever pondered why Eating disorders affect your teeth? What you eat plays a major part in your oral health. As per the Specialists, the Sooner effects of eating ailments, start from your Mouth. Dietary practices play an important role in Oral Health. A person’s dental health may suffer from the harmful habits and nutritional insufficiencies associated with disordered eating. It is the Nutritional deficiency and bad habits that eventually affects your Oral health. When someone has bad eating habits, it can affect their health eventually and brings permanent damage to the Mouth and teeth. At this point, it is necessary to take dental advice on your Eating Habits, That is why you need Best Dental Hospital In Chennai to get adequate guidance.

What causes Eating disorders?

An eating disorder may cause permanent damage to your teeth if it is not taken care of. Depriving yourself of calcium, iron, and vitamin D, as well as other nutrients vital for good dental health, is often the result of self-starvation or binging and purging. These are some Important causes that cause the Eating disorder.

  • Calcium insufficiency
  • Overeating and reflux
  • Lack of Vitamin D
  • Iron Deficiency
  • Vomiting
  • Dry Mouth

How eating disorder involves dental concerns:

Degenerating gums:

Do you know when you have an Eating disorder? It is when your body doesn’t get enough nutrients to feed the tissues of the gums. Deficiencies in nutrition cause the gums to bleed and loosen, resulting in decay or loss of teeth. If your body derives nutrients like calcium, iron, and B vitamins, which are also crucial for dental health, this defect results in gum diseases or tooth decay.

Decay due to Acid:

It is typical for eating disorders to be escorted by vomiting, in which the stomach acid is thrown out. The enamel of your teeth is impacted by acid when you throw up repeatedly. Signs of acid damage include changing the color of your teeth, bad breath, sensitive teeth, and decay.

Impairment to the salivary glands:

There are several dental causes in which people suffer from salivary gland complications when people are more habitual to binge eating and the purging rotation. In this case, your salivary glands become enlarged and cause pain.


Most people who suffer from Anorexia and bulimia suffer from dental health problems, such as tooth sensitivity and decay. They need to get medical health immediately from the best Dental Clinic In Sholinganallur Chennai to make sure that their Teeth are saved.

In case you are suffering from any type of eating disorder please make sure you consult your dentist immediately.

In a Nutshell

In the end, your Dental Health is more critical. Maintaining a good Eating habit will consistently enable you to maintain your body and oral health. All you have to do is let your Dentist that you have Eating Disorder. The best alternative is to confer the best dentist from one of the best Dental Hospitals In Chennai.

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