In what ways does sugar affect your teeth?

It is common to hear that sugar can rot out your teeth, this implements to both children and adults. Sugar-loving microbes are present in your mouth from the time your first teeth emerge. As a result, they produce acid that cracks down enamel and causes tooth decay. Most of the tooth decays are caused by the intake of an excessive amount of sugar.

To sustain Proper dental health you ought to concentrate on  how much sugar you are taking in your daily life and the chain of events after intake of the Sugar. The most crucial thing is to have a Check up with your Dentist at least once in 6 Months, Find the best Dental Clinic In Perumbakkam, to take care of your oral health

Why sugar is bad for your oral health?

Besides the good bacteria present in your mouth, there are also bad bacteria that feed on sugar and produce acid that hurts the enamel, an outer layer of your teeth.

This acid from the bacterial infection steers the cavity which causes holes in your teeth and eventually leads to tooth loss if it is untreated.

Sugary foods and drinks induce tooth decay.

There are many foods and drinks that you consume in day-to-day life that might lead to cavities due to the presence of an excessive amount of sugar present in those items. The most harmful consumption of refined sugar are candies, ice cream, potato chips, and all prepacked foods, and most eminently sodas’ and soft beverages are the actual culprits here. If you want to protect your teeth from harmful bacteria, you should learn to eat nuts, cheese, and proteins as your snacks.

There are more ways to consume sugar, such as Fruit juice concentrate, Maple syrup, Honey, and corn syrup; do not be fooled by the names, these are actual sugars.

Tips to Dodge Tooth Decay

Research shows that there are some factors that can slow down the development of cavities. They are

Look after what you eat and drink 

Your Eating habits will definitely play a vital role in your oral health, take foods which are rich in Vitamin, Fresh fruits and veggies. If you want to take any soft drinks or acidic beverages, it is advisable to take them with your meal, not between each meal.

Cut down on Sugar

As described previously, Make sure that you cut down the intake of sugar. Consume some water as soon as you eat a sweet treat so that it will rinse your mouth and dilute the sugar that sticks to your teeth. Twice a day brushing with fluoridated toothpaste may help to prevent tooth cavity.

Have a Proper Dental Visits

Avoiding cavities only with your Food habits is quite impossible, having a Proper Dentist Visit helps you to take care of your teeth. Look for a proper Dental Clinic In Sholinganallur Chennai and make sure to visit when you need any dental advice.


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