Inlays and Onlays: How will it embrace your smile with tooth restoration?

Are you facing any tooth decay problems? In such a case, it becomes a must to get a dental check done for solving the issue. In the decay issues, one expects to get the crown or cavity done. But there are many other options apart from this like Inlay and Onlay!

In the field of dentistry, an indirect way of restoring a broken tooth is represented as inlays and onlays! In simple terms, a dentist prepares inlays and onlays outside your mouth like a piece of solid matching the cavity measurements and it is then placed within the broken tooth. It is a method apart from direct restoration in the dental field. It is prepared using glass, amalgam, or composite ionomer that prepares inside your mouth.

What one understands with inlays?

Generally, inlays are prepared using a material matching your tooth color from porcelain/ceramic or any special composite. Any fillings that turn out to be unsighted or defective ones are restored with inlays matching tooth color and connected with the tooth. With the help of the bonding tooth process, it works best for tooth strength improvement and cover-up inlay.

What one understands with onlays?

Onlays are also the one that is fixed within the tooth and it is extended till the back chewing tooth surface for restoring cusps. During the past time, onlays are prepared using gold material only. Though, patients started showing their need to get onlays matching to tooth color like the inlays. So, one can also find onlays available in porcelain/ceramic material with matching tooth color. It follows up by restoring bond and the process helps in adding strength to your tooth along with onlay sealing.

What to know about the procedure for inlay or onlay?

Generally, you might need to visit your dentist two times to get the procedure completed. For the first time, the dentist works on preparing your damaged or broken tooth. After this, your dentist will take a molded tooth impression and provide it to the laboratory for fabricating the restoration.

For inlays and onlays, some materials like resin, gold, or porcelain are used. The only difference lies in the restoration appearance. You’ll be guided with the best material as per your dental problem. When you’re not worried about aesthetics, it is best to go with the gold material. One of the best materials for aesthetics is porcelain and it is also used in the areas within your smile.

In the next visit, a temporary replacement is performed with the inlay or onlay. All your measurements and margins will be closely checked by the dentist to give you the best fit. Also, your biting ability will be checked to notice any problems related to occlusion. After fitting the inlay or onlay, the restoration bonding process is followed up with margin polishing.

Get inlay or onlay performed by the professionals

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