Malaligned Teeth: Symptoms, causes, impact, and treatment

Do you ever hide your teeth when smiling? Have you ever felt bad about your teeth seeing others with perfect teeth? Are you wondering how fortunate it is to have straight teeth? Do you miss your smile? We can understand your condition. Smile acts as your personality trait, and the malaligned teeth can impact your smile. Want to be lucky enough with straight teeth? Well, there’s a solution available for you. Some reasons exist behind your malaligned teeth, but you can get it perfect too. Fixing the malaligned teeth is no longer an impossible thing. Though, before moving ahead, one must know about the symptoms, causes, and impact of malaligned teeth.

Common symptoms of malaligned teeth:

With different classes of malaligned teeth, symptoms vary from little too acute. Some common symptoms observed for malaligned teeth might include the following:

  • Chewing discomfort
  • Face appearance changes
  • Lisp development or other problems in speech
  • Biting discomfort
  • Tongue biting frequently
  • Inner cheeks biting
  • Teeth alignment changes

Causes behind malaligned teeth:

Usually, it is a condition inherited by individuals. In simple words, it occurred from the family line and passed within the generations. Some causes that might result in altering jaw structure and shape include the following:

  1. Small jaw size: A common reason behind malaligned teeth might be the small jaw size. It may be the lower or upper jaw that is small than the usual size.
  1. Jaw or mouth tumours: Tumours in mouth or jaw can also be a cause resulting in malaligned teeth. 
  1. Inherit from genes: Most often, malaligned teeth can be a cause due to genetics. If there’s any malaligned teeth issue in your family, a child might also suffer it.
  1. Face or jaw injury: Any childhood injury on the jaw might also impact teeth. If the jaw gets twisted from the original place, it might result in teeth growing in malaligned position.
  1. The habit of thumb-sucking: Among children who develop a habit of thumb-sucking that last for years, malaligned teeth is a common problem. The teeth grow in malaligned position due to the thumb pressure over the developing gums.
  1. Other causes includes:
  • Pacifier frequent usage in toddler age
  • Feeding with a bottle for a long time
  • Bad dental care

What might be the impact of malaligned teeth?

Malaligned teeth can occur in different classes among individuals. These classes include acute overbite wherein upper jaw and teeth overlap lower teeth and jaw, upper teeth overlapping lower teeth, sensitive under bite wherein lower jaw grows outside. Without proper treatment, one might face a significant impact on their life.

Chewing problems:

In your life, mouth alignment must be in the proper position. With the upper teeth, it is beneficial in lips and cheeks biting prevention and lower teeth prevent tongue biting. Without proper alignment, it might result in chewing problems.

Cleaning teeth becomes complex:

Malaligned teeth are complex to clean in your daily life. It is because the brush is not able to reach the spots in malaligned teeth. It results in increasing cavity, gingivitis, and decay chances.

Hinders confidence:

Due to the malaligned teeth, you might not feel confident regarding your appearance. It might also lower your self-esteem.

Treatment options:

Dental care is a crucial part of improving your teeth life. One can easily find a proper treatment for malaligned teeth at OMR Dentistry. We are a team of professionals who can help you get the best dental treatment. We have ample of solutions available including removable and invisible aligners and digital smile design.

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