The Anatomy of Your Teeth

Like any other body part, teeth play such an important role in the human body. They help to chew food that makes it easier for the digestion process. The teeth are considered the hardest materials in the body, but they need regular care too. It is vital to visit a good dentist in Chennai for healthy teeth and happy smiles.

But what are teeth actually made of? What’s the difference between adult teeth and children’s teeth? What’s the purpose of them? In this article, let us learn more about our teeth.

Fun Fact: Your teeth are unique just like your fingerprints.

What Are Teeth Made of?

Teeth are made of many things, and here’s a dissection of the tooth.


Mostly everyone knows enamel. It is the outer layer of the teeth that is the hardest substance in the entire human body. Enamel is made of the substance crystalline calcium phosphate.

Alveolar Bone

It is the innermost part of the teeth- It is the part of the jaw bone which encircles the root of the teeth.

Gingiva or Gum

It is present in the neck of the tooth and protects the jaw bone of the teeth. Gum is made up of tissues.


It is an important tissue that combines the jawbone and the gums of the tooth. It is also considered one of the hardest tissues but not as hard as enamel.

Periodontal Ligament

The periodontal ligament covers the cementum and is situated between the cementum and jaw bone. It consists of several connective tissue fibers.

Root Canal

The root canal which can be also called a pulp canal is the extension of the pulp chamber which is present in the roots.


Dentine is the larger portion of the tooth and it is protected by the enamel in the crown section and cementum in the root section. Dentine is a tissue (living), and it is quite elastic, unlike enamel.

Pulp Chamber

The pulp chamber is present inside the dentine and throughout the root. It is made of soft tissues and consists of blood vessels that provide nutrients to the teeth.

These are some of the common parts of the tooth that everyone should know. It is vital to visit the best dental hospital in Chennai for regular checkups for healthy gums and teeth.

Fun Fact: Your teeth also impact your speech.

Difference between Adult Teeth and Teeth in Children

Adults have 32 permanent teeth, and children have 20 baby teeth which eventually fall off to make space for permanent teeth. Baby teeth or primary teeth have softer enamel compared to adult teeth.

Baby teeth are whiter than permanent teeth. The baby teeth also have fragile teeth but have large pulp chambers, unlike the adult teeth.

Fun Fact: Tooth cannot heal itself, unlike other organs of your body.

Functions of the Teeth

  • Breaking down or chewing the food
  • Helps with the speech
  • Determines your face shape

Here are various types of teeth that have different functions.

  • Incisors
  • Canines
  • Premolars
  • Molars

Fun Fact: Your mouth has more bacteria than any place on this planet.

These are some of the insights and breakdowns on the anatomy of the teeth. There is a lot to learn about human teeth, but it is also essential to know each part of the tooth has a role to play. So, even if one of the parts is damaged it is vital to visit the best dental clinic in Sholinganallur like OMRDentistry for the overall health of your tooth.

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