The Connection Between Gum Disease & Heart disease

Recent studies have shown that there is a correlation between gum diseases and heart diseases. It means people who have gum problems are more likely to have heart problems as well.

While this condition may be true for most people, that does not imply that all people with gum diseases will also have heart problems. Most patients with cardiovascular issues still have healthy gums.

But, we also cannot neglect the recent studies which say a person is more likely to have heart inflammation or heart diseases along with gum problems. Therefore, it is important to treat gum diseases as early as possible with the best dental doctor in Chennai.

It is better to maintain overall oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice, cleaning your tongue properly, flossing regularly, and visiting your dentist for dental checkups. All these precautions can avoid the chances of both gum and heart diseases.

What Exactly are Gum and Heart Diseases?

Gum or periodontal diseases refer to inflamed gums, receding gums, bleeding in gums, plague, bad breath, and more. This disease can affect the overall oral health, and in some cases, it can lead to tooth loss too.

And cardiovascular diseases include heart inflammation, strokes, heart attacks, and so on. The studies also point out that an unhealthy diet and smoking can also be significant factors in both gum and heart diseases. Hence, regular oral appointments can save you from any potential complications and heart problems.

What’s the Connection Between Gum and Heart Disease?

Recent studies have said that people with neglected gum diseases can have heart problems. This means the plague and the bacteria in your teeth and gums can move to the heart arteries, causing inflammation. People who have good oral hygiene are less likely to face heart diseases.

Not only cardiovascular issues, but neglecting oral hygiene can also lead to other issues such as weaker bones in the jaw, tooth loss, respiratory problems, and more.

If you are facing any gum disease symptoms, it is best to reach out to an excellent dental clinic in Sholinganallur, which can provide high-quality dental treatments.

Symptoms Related to Periodontal Diseases

Here are some of the symptoms related to gum diseases.

  • Bleeding gums

  • Gums becoming sensitive to certain foods

  • Receding gums

  • Swollen and red gums

  • Bad breath

  • Plaque formation

  • Loose teeth and more

All these can lead to severe dental problems, which may lead to cardiovascular diseases as well.

What To Do?

There is no need to panic, but regular dental appointments and maintaining basic oral hygiene are extremely necessary. This not only helps in keeping the teeth clean and gums healthy but also has a higher chance of reducing heart diseases. It may also prevent other respiratory diseases. Hence, finding a good dentist in Chennai like OMRDentistry is extremely significant for a healthy body and peaceful mind.

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