What is root canal treatment and when it is needed?

A root canal treatment is specifically designed to clean an infected root canal free from bacteria, avoid tooth re-infection, and maintain a natural uninfected tooth. In a root canal treatment, one undergoes removal of inflamed pulp, and the tooth is cleaned from inside. After cleaning the tooth, it is disinfected and filled before sealing.

If you get your dentist’s recommendation to get a root canal treatment, don’t get worried. It’s a procedure wherein a damaged tooth is treated. In this way, a lot of people undergo this treatment to get relief from pain and infection in the teeth. It is beneficial in keeping your teeth healthy for a long.

The pulp present in your tooth under the hard layer of dentin and white enamel is soft tissue. It comprises connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves that are helpful in your tooth root growth in the development stage. A tooth reaching the full development stage can live even without the soft tissue or pulp because it receives continuous nourishment from the surrounding tissues.

You might have heard the term- modern root canal treatment from your dentist. It is just a new version of what the root canal treatment was in the old days! It’s just like a regular tooth filling and will complete only in 1-2 appointments as per your tooth condition. In modern days, it is less painful to get a root canal. In just no time, you’ll enjoy smiling, chewing, and biting on food.

Root canal for natural tooth-saving is highly beneficial:

  • Chewing properly
  • Natural look
  • Teeth protection
  • Biting with same sensation and force

A root canal treatment is also termed as “endodontic treatment.” It involved a serious process but you can get it done by specialists. One such specialist is OMR Dentistry. We handle all such treatments daily and are well-aware of each aspect of the root canal.

Some symptoms that signal towards a root canal treatment include the following:

  • Gum issues like pimples
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Gums swelling or tenderness
  • Deep gums decay
  • Gums darkening
  • Hot or cold sensation
  • Pain in biting or chewing food

Apart from all these things, one might need an endodontic treatment when the soft tissue known as pulp in your tooth gets infected or turns inflamed.

When do you need root canal treatment?

Whenever someone experiences a crack in teeth either existing from genetics or injury, filling issues, cavity in-depth, it is beneficial to go for root canal treatment. When there’s a sensation in teeth for hot and cold foods, it is the time when one needs treatment for a root canal.

Get an OMR Dentistry root canal treatment with less pain:

At OMR Dentistry, we are a team of professionals who can effectively work over an inflamed pulp. With the modern root canal treatment by OMR Dentistry, you get relief and it is less painful.

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