What one must know about Intra Oral Periapical images?

Among all other dental tools, intraoral periapical images are one of them. It is also named as x-rays in the dental care comprising intraoral periapical radiograph. Often, the dental process is referred to as periapical because it captures the complete tooth part along with surrounding structure of the root tip. With the help of a radiograph, it assisted the dentist to look at the intraoral structure of bone and the support side teeth.

Apart from the image series, radiographs are also beneficial in targeting several other mouth areas. In the periapical images, it helps in viewing the teeth crowns and roots. With this assistance, it becomes easy to find the right information on diagnosing dental problems like gum disease, decay, or abscesses. With the radiographs, it becomes beneficial for dental healthcare to detect tartar, oral bone irregularities, and tooth fragments presence.

What one might expect from the intraoral periapical process?

Generally, the intraoral periapical process remains simple without any complications. Check out some steps that can help in easing comfort:

  • The patient will be asked to sit in an upright position for the process.

  • A device holding film will be inserted in the mouth of the patient and the patient has to firmly bite it to make it stand in a secure position. It is essential to maintain the quality of images.

  • After a patient holds the firm correctly, the machinery will be activated for radiation exposure.

  • The same process will be followed in different mouth areas.

How do periapical radiograph benefits?

Practitioners get access to advanced capabilities for dental care diagnostic with the use of periapical radiograph. It emerges as an intraoral tool for diagnosing the root problem.

Apart from the individual mouth areas, periapical radiographs provide excellent results in inspecting full mouth too. Often, the radiographs are conducted in longer sessions. It is among the best way in enhancing the capability to diagnose dental problems.

The high-resolution digital intraoral images help save time for the patient to sit for the examination. It does so by reducing the time from radiation sensor exposure to capturing the images. After pressing the x-ray button on the machine, the computer will show the image.

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