Why do babies have a thumb sucking habit? Healthy steps to prevent your baby from TSH

A child can develop a thumb sucking habit quickly, but it becomes tough to break it. As a parent, one needs to understand what can be done to stop the practice. At some level, you can tolerate your child’s habit, but it is enough after some time.

In most common cases, babies have a presence of sucking reflexes and natural rooting that enables them to suck their fingers or thumb. It might even happen before a child’s birth too. With the thumb-sucking, babies get a feeling of security. Other reason is that babies, develops the habit when they need to sleep or enjoy the soothing sensation.

The habit usually stops among some children on their own after six months. Or even the patterns continues even till 4 years old. Even if a child has stopped, the habit might start it at a stressful time.

When there is a need to interfere as a parent?

Parents are most worried about their child regarding thumb-sucking habit after the child develops permanent teeth. If the pattern continues after the permanent teeth development, then it becomes a concern. But if the habit is until that phase, then it may bnot develop severe problems. Once the permenant teeth starts growing the habit may start affecting the mouth roof. The origin of the dental problems is seen concerning your child’s thumb-sucking habit, whether it is too often and for long-term or not. As per expert advice, it is recommended that one must address the thumb sucking habit before a child turns 3-years old.

Steps to take to stop your child’s TSH

The first step should be talking with your child regarding the habit. You can quickly stop the habit when your child is ready to cooperate with you. Often, it can be a good idea to pay attention to your child as your baby might do it to grab your attention. If it doesn’t turn out to be effective, then you can rely upon some of the ways mentioned below:

  • Reinforcement in a positive way: You should start with praising your kid when he or she is not sucking their thumb. Or give a reward for it either by taking to a trip or reciting story at night. Or frame some goals like no sucking after waking up for one hour or two. This might looks funny, but this really works well as the baby might feel elighted and encouraged to stop this habit. So, appreciate your baby often.
  • Check out the reasons: It is also an important thing to noticethat what is the reason behind your child’s thumb sucking habit. If your kid is sucking thumb when stressed, then you need to check out what’s the matter and comfort your kid.
  • Start reminding your child: It is also an effective way to stop your child from TSH. If your child develops the habit without any external factor, then you can start reminding your kid. But don’t be angry or scold your kid. Be humble and keep reminding to stop.

Is it reasonable to seek help from the dentist?

If you’re stressed about your kid’s thumb-sucking habit that can impact his or her teeth health, then it is good to seek help from your dentist. It would be an effective way for your kid to talk with the dentist about why it is crucial to stop TSH. If you’re looking for the Best dental clinic in OMR to take consultation about your child thumb sucking habit, then OMR dentistry could be a great option. We offer an excellent dentistry service for kids and adults.

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